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The issues below are current issues in the live system.  They have been grouped by relevant pages of the submission system.  Each issue is referenced by an internal id which is used to track issues (eg #2989).  Fixed bugs will appear on the system release notes when they are resolved and will be removed from this page.


#2989 REF4b export to import issue with source 15

If data has been put into REF4B then exported, then re-import this into system, an error appears as it attempts to import a row for source 15.

Expected resolution: release 2.4

#3061 RG allocation to staff/output link issue when importing

This occurs while importing into a new submission with no data within it. If you add a research group and a REF 1A staff member, which are linked, and a REF 2 output not linked (this is in the subission systems UI), export these, then link the output to the RG in the file and import this update, the RG is not populated to the staff output.

#3099 Excel import error when importing multiple UOAs exception: An item with the same key has already been added

Issue when importing an Excel file with multiple UoAs

fix released 20/6/2020

#3104 When importing an output linked to a former staff member validation report does not highlight missing month in output

When importing REF1b and REF2 outputs that are linked, a validation error should be shown stating the month is needed in this circumstances, however this warning is missing.

#3121 REF1b when an end date is 30/07/2020 during an import it causes a fatal error

When importing REF1b former staff with a end contract date of 30/07/2020 a fatal error occurs. This field should be inclusive of this date.

#3139 Importing excel current staff with FTE 0.28/0.29 fails

When importing a current staff member REF1A with a FTE of 0.28 or 0.29 import fails stating FTE needs to be 2 decimal places.

#3148 Importing REF5b doc with under the word limit appears as error for over max words

When importing in REF5b with a word document that has words within it under the max word limit a validation error occurs stating: 'The word limit for Environment Doc is MaxLength}...'


#3103 Error when editing output if linked to staff member

When creating a user with write REF2 permissions and read REF1A permissions, then as an admin, create an output and link the output to a REF1A, the non-admin user is unable to edit the output you created as the admin. You will receive an access denied message.


#3060 UOA 33, output allocation value error

When importing an output with an outputallocation value of either: "Performance", "Composition: acoustic" or "Ethnomusicology" an error stating the values do not match those in the list for UOA33 will show. This is not correct, as it happens even when the values do match. Also, the import job log does not report on the submission errors for this job


#2590 REF3 file format error when using the API.

Following using the API to import a PDF for REF3 the job will succeed however an error massage will show on the REF3 page stating 'Save error: Template for assessment must be PDF'.

Expected resolution:


#3105 REF4B and REF4C updated time/date are not updating

When updating REF4B and REF4C the "last updated.." information fails to update most recent user to amend information.

Validation reports (bulk validation and import)

#2767 Incorrect messages in import validation report

When generating a validation report following importing a REF1A record with no HESA ID and a blank ORCID the report shows "ORCID is in an incorrect format..." and another error "An invalid HESA staff identifier has been provided...".

Expected resolution:

#2835 Validation message for a file that exceeds the size limit is missing the size parameter in KB

When generating a validation report for a file that exceeds the maximum KB, the report does not specify the maximum file size.

Expected resolution:

#3087 Unpaid leave validation report error message incorrect

When creating a new unpaid leave record with a start date field (eg. 01/09/2019) and end date (eg. 01/11/2020), running a validation report then states: "Unpaid leave must be on or after 06/06/2019.."