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The issues below are current issues in the live system.  They have been grouped by relevant pages of the submission system.  Each issue is referenced by an internal id which is used to track issues (eg #2989).  Fixed bugs will appear on the system release notes when they are resolved and will be removed from this page.


#3104 When importing an output linked to a former staff member validation report does not highlight missing month in output

When importing REF1b and REF2 outputs that are linked, a validation error should be shown stating the month is needed in this circumstances, however this warning is missing.

Expected release: v2.5


#3103 Error when editing output if linked to staff member

When creating a user with write REF2 permissions and read REF1A permissions, then as an admin, create an output and link the output to a REF1A, the non-admin user is unable to edit the output you created as the admin. You will receive an access denied message.

Expected release: v2.5

#3351 Secondment end date submit error message triggered incorrectly

When adding a secondment end date of 31/08/2020 in a REF1A input an error will show stating that this date falls outside the criteria.


#3280 REF2 output list page displays staff names and identifiers when the user does not have permission to REF1

REF2 list page allows users without permissions to REF1 information to view staff information

#3363 REF 2 PDF error message which should not show if retrieved using DOI

When DOI is used to retreive output information the PDF page within the outpt shows an error message.

Expexted release: v2.5

#3407 REF2 output titles with superscript characters such as powers and fractions change font

When putting in superscript characters such as {\tfrac {67}{68}} it becomes {\displaystyle {\tfrac {67}{68}}}{\tfrac {67}{68}} and subscripts such as H2O turn to H2O.

#3443 When importing an REF2 output with a reserve in the wrong order no errors appear

When importing a REF2 output which is double weighted the reserve output must be before the double weighted output referring to it. At present no error or warning appears to indicate this problem, the import shows as successful but the reserve output is not in the reserve section.

#3444 REF2 print report month of publication shown as 00

When generating a print report for REF2 the month of publication is shown as '00'.

#3482 Physical outputs are triggering a PDF required error

When selecting physical outputs in REF2 a validation error appears requesting a PDF document to be upload, when no upload should be required


#2590 REF3 file format error when using the API.

Following using the API to import a PDF for REF3 the job will succeed however an error massage will show on the REF3 page stating 'Save error: Template for assessment must be PDF'.

Expected release: v2.5

#3464 REF3 when adding conflicting panel members and not redacting no warning appears

An warning message should appear in REF3 after entering text in the conflicted panel member when the redacted options are selected as 'not redacted'. At present this warning does not appear.


3408 REF4c import for health research funding bodies when not UOAs 1-6 fails rather than shows error

When importing REF4c health research funding bodies data in UOAs above UOA 6 an error should occur stating this is data is only applicable to UOAs 1-6, however at present it fails the import.

Validation reports (bulk validation and import)

#3254 Validation not checking that attribution Research Group exists OR is one that the staff member belongs to

Validation check does not highlight an error where an attributed Research Group exists or whether it is attributed to a staff member

#3439 Validations are showing incorrect amount of records updated

When importing or validating the "Records loaded" field will show an incorrect amount of records updated. For example, if you import one record it may be noted as two updated.

#3465:Validation report for REF3 does not pick up when conflicting panel member is added but no redacted document is uploaded

When text is in the conflicted panel members box in REF3 and no redacted document has been uploaded/ it is marked as not redacted the validation report should indicate this as an error.